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Energy audit

Vets | Energy provides energy audit services to key energy users under the law on Law on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Use of Energy (No. 50/2010/QH12).

Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory

Vets | Energy provides GHG Inventory services to facilities that emit greenhouse gases by the Law on Environmental Protection (Law No. 72/2020/QH14).

Energy Management System (ISO 50001)

ISO 50001 is issued by the International Organization for Standardization - ISO.


ESCO (Energy Service Company) is a business model that uses energy efficiency contracts as the basis for payment when implementing Energy Efficiency (EE) projects.

Develop energy norms

Based on energy norms, enterprises can allocate and monitor energy resources to ensure sustainable development in the future.

Management and Operation

Along with the implementation of energy projects, Vets | Energy supply has service management and operation solar energy projects.

Energy Communication

Vets | Energy cooperates to provide energy media publications such as books, magazines, catalogs, etc.


Vets | Energy has received the trust and appreciation of many international organizations in energy projects such as World Bank, ADB, KOICA, GIZ, Embassy of Denmark…
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