Recruitment process

Familiarize yourself with the Vets | Energy recruitment process.

7 September, 2021

These are the basic steps in the recruitment process at VETS. Please note that depending on the position and type of job you are applying for, there will be changes in the process.

  1. Submit a cover letter or CV

We offer recruitment requirements that give you have a visualizes of the specific job as well as skills and experience that are necessary. Candidates can find all of our positions in the job category (link here) or recruitment sites like YBOX. VN, TOPCV, JOBSGO,… or on recruitment groups on Facebook. When you apply, please emails to us with your CV.

  1. Screening Process

During the initial selection process, we screen and evaluate your CV/resume letter. We will consider your work experience, career goals, educational background, and other skills. Most importantly, we need to evaluate that the job position is appropriate for your qualifications. We need to understand what person you are before choosing candidates that are suitable for an interview.

  1. Expectations in an Interview

We looking forward to recruiting candidates with the suitable capacity for the job, that we want to mention in the interview. If you are invited for an interview, you should prepare thoroughly. You can find out relevant information about Vets | Energy to show us your understanding. In the interview, we want to hear about your work experience and goals. We expect this dialogue to be open and reliable so that we can easily make decisions for ourselves.

For some positions, you may be required to take the test within 45 minutes. This information will always notify you before the interview. Depending on the specific position, we will have our own professional test.

  1. Next step

If you have been selected by us, the human resources department will contact you and send you an email providing clear information about the position, salary, starting time,  documents to be submitted,…

After you confirm that going to work, the employer will prepare the tasks to welcome and introduce you as a new employee for Vets | Energy on your first day of work. If you attended an interview but were not offered the job, you will be notified by email from the employer and hope you will be successful in the next hire.

Ready to apply for a job at Vets | Energy?

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