Energy audit

Vets | Energy provides energy audit services to key energy users under the law on Law on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Use of Energy (No. 50/2010/QH12).

17 June, 2021

What is an energy audit?

According to the Law on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Use of Energy, the energy audit is an activity of measuring, analyzing, calculating, and evaluating to determine energy consumption to provide solutions for energy efficiency and conservation use of energy for energy users (Law No. 50/2010/QH12).

Why is an energy audit important?

Enterprises that want to use energy efficiency and conservation need to first conduct an energy audit to:

  • Determine energy norms, thereby pointing out the problems of energy use and management.
  • Look for energy savings opportunities and potential energy efficiency improvements to reduce costs and improve capacity.
  • Comply with the Law on Economical and Efficient Use of Energy, reduce emissions, fight climate change and ensure energy security.

Why choose Vets | Energy?

With a team of highly qualified personnel and modern equipment, Vets | Energy’s experts always research, dive into analyzing the energy consumption model at the enterprise. We help you to identify energy-saving opportunities and make recommendations for effective and appropriate energy management. At the same time, we also provide insights into investment opportunities with payback periods to implement energy-saving solutions.

Vets | Energy has over 15 years of experience in energy auditing. Our solutions all help customers consume less energy, operate more efficiently, and emit fewer greenhouse gases.

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