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7 September, 2021

Learning and development at Vets | Energy

Vets|Energy’s managers continually seek to develop their subordinates to help them expand opportunities to set up career goals. One of the top tasks in a long-term personnel mission strategy is to create opportunities for employees to learn, grow, and succeed.

We are committed to creating maximum conditions, encouraging learning, developing, and promoting an enabling environment for all members who are fully developed personally and their careers comprehensively.

The primary motivation in focusing on personal development is to create an elite and strong growth team.. For a year, we set plans and training programs to effectively implement. After each activity, we evaluate and draw valuable lessons learned for focus areas in the future.

DNA of Learning

“The spirit of learning begins with our founder” – Mr. Duong Kien Trung – who always puts his faith in the importance of knowledge and learning. Today, more than ever, we depend on learningand the ability to absorb new skills and knowledge. We believe that the key to our success is that our employees are repeatedly learning and improving. Therefore, we are continually working to improve the best learning conditions in our organization. We strive to provide our employees with an outreach environment for development to learn in work, anywhere and whenever they need it.