Purpose and values

We are driven by our purpose and values with sustainability at the core.

Vets | Energy

Developing a more sustainable future


Vets | Energy operates business towards sustainability. We help our customers use energy efficiency and conservation. We commit and attach our responsibilities to society.

Open and trustworthy

We do the things we say, and we say the things we do. Vets | Energy always keeps open and is ready to share things with our customers and partners. We always put the truth first – although sometimes this is not easy.

Focused on people

Our people are our greatest asset. Vets | Energy has been centered on personal development for many years. We are creating a culture where everyone is respected, given the opportunity, and empowered to realize their dream.

Development Ambition

Vets | Energy strives to innovate and come up with better products and solutions. We have ambitions to build a worldwide leader company in the field of Energy Efficiency.


Vets | Energy creates value through excellent and long-term cooperation with our customers and partners. We believe partnership is the key to motivate growth and innovation

Creativity and Innovation

Since its inception, the spirit of innovation has always been the key success of Vets | Energy. It will continue to be a key driver for us to accomplish our company goals in the future.

Join us on our mission

Developing a more sustainable future

Vets Energy

We aim to make a positive difference in the world.