Solar energy

Solar energy is a clean, environmentally friendly source of electricity. It is an endless source of "fuel" and can be exploited for free.

17 June, 2021

The solar power system uses panels based on photometric technology that absorbs sunlight. When passing through the inverter, the one-way current converts into AC to provide for the consumption loads. Solar power is a clean, environmentally friendly power source. Moreover, this is a source of “fuel” that can be considered in every country.

Three types of solar power:

1. Rooftop solar:

Rooftop solar power is a system of solar panels installed on rooftops, workshops direct or indirect connection to the National grid electric.

2. Ground Mount Solar:

Ground Mount Solar uses a solar power system that uses racks placed/plugged on the vacant ground to support solar panels in the large empty land areas, less cultivation, and farm.

3. Floating solar:

Photothermal panels are installed on the water surface.


  • Sustainable supply and can be considered endless
  • Ecosystem protection
  • Low cost, high efficiency.

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