Nguyen Canh Nam

  • Year of birth: 1952
  • Qualification: Doctorate in Mining, majoring in Mine Mechanization – Technical University of Kosice City – Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia)
    Professional experience:
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Canh Nam is a standing member of the Executive Board of Mining Association
    Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Mining industry magazine (until the end of QI-2018).
    Member of the executive committee, member of the Scientific Council, member of the Review Board of Vietnam Energy magazine – Vietnam Energy Association,

He has over 25 years of teaching and guiding students and researchers on “Effective formulation and analysis of investment projects”, “Energy and Environment, new energy and renewable energy, sustainable development in energy. Currently, he is working as a senior consultant for projects in the field of renewable energy in Vietnam.

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