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Production Machine Monitoring Software - AMWorking helps enterprises optimize production management processes.

17 June, 2021

iNERGY Energy Monitor Software helps enterprises optimize production management processes. It is developed by Vets | Energy, and AMITECH

Features of Production Machine Monitoring Software

8 Software features:

  • Low implementation cost: iNERGY Monitor allows beginning by measuring the primary consumption and expand the measurement points as necessary. You will pay only what is really needed. The iNergy remote metering software was designed to manage millions of meters, with maximum market scalability;
  • Automation of processes: iNERGY Monitor reports disparities produced on the consumption foreseen, the baseline calculation, which allows detecting possible failures or losses of performance that may derive from higher consumption. In addition, it has functionalities such as Favorites, Alerts or Task management with access privileges by user, work center, installation or country;
  • Imputation of costs: iNERGY Monitor allows assigning the costs of energy consumption by work center, production line, installation or unit produced providing the generation of indicators of efficiency and competitiveness;
  • Flexibility in the generation of reports: Possibility of using models of the organization’s own reports and integrate them easily with iNergy without the need for development, in addition, being able to generate reports totally configurable by the user;
  • Accessible from any place and at any time: Users can connect to iNergy through different types of electronic devices within the Company intranet or outside through the Internet;
  • Fast implementation: iNERGY requires no specific infrastructure to obtain the consumption of the organization since, being a Cloud solution, the need to acquire and install hardware or software licenses is eliminated, is a multiprotocol and multi-manufacturer solution;
  • Reduction of environmental impact: The increase in the concentration of CO2 is producing negative effects in our environment. Controlling and reducing CO2 emissions is a priority for all. iNergy Monitor facilitates the decrease in energy consumption and reduce the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases;
  • Security: iNERGY is a platform designed to offer maximum security in all the information management processes, at the level of access, data encryption, backup, etc.

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