5S Power Grid

5S management software allows enterprises to monitor the summary report on the implementation and deploy 5S anytime and anywhere.

17 June, 2021

The 5S Management system is developed by Vets | Energy and AMITECH.

Features of 5S management software:

  1. With 5S management software, enterprises can view the summary report on the situation of implementation and deployment of 5S anytime and anywhere;
  2. Report base on rating score excellent and bad completion in each region;
  3. The report under rating score assessed for department and individual;
  4. 5S assessment report;
  5. To report on the remedy of the situation to:
  • 5S assessment easier
  • Control, evaluate, directly synchronized
  • Increase labor capacity
  • Safer work
  • Better environmental landscape

What does 5S mean?

5S is an easy-to-implement micro-management tool that instantly eliminates waste: time, space, materials, thereby promoting people’s creativity and creating a continuous improvement movement in the company. 5S is the first 5 letters of 5 Japanese words including: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain.

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