Conference launching on energy-saving peak summer in 2020

7 September, 2021

As a matter of fact, high demand for electricity in peak season. On June 25, 2020, the Hanoi Industry and Trade Department cooperated with Hanoi Power Corporation to organized a conference, “launching on energy-saving peak summer in 2020” according to plan No. 42/KH – UBND dated February 25, 2020, of Hanoi People’s Committee on the implementation of the National program on energy efficiency in Hanoi in 2020 at CTM Palace building, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

Attending the conference were representatives of leaders of Hanoi People’s Committee, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development Department – Ministry of Industry and Trade. Environmental Science and Technology Department – Ministry of Construction and Hanoi Industry and Trade Development, VETS… and enterprises in the city.

Công ty CP Giải pháp Công nghệ Việt Nam

Mr. Nguyen Van Suu – Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee said that Hanoi implemented solutions to communicate, guide, and support using electricity to raise their awareness of energy efficiency and conservation. However, the hot weather made electricity consumption quickly increasing. Therefore, we were necessary to promote to energy-saving.

Công ty CP Giải pháp Công nghệ Việt Nam

Mr. Vu The Thang – Deputy Head of Sales of EVN Hanoi spoke that summer is the period EVN Hanoi must work at full capacity to meet the needs of the whole city. On June 9, 2020, the average daily electricity consumption in Hanoi city was up to 89,247 million kWh. This is the highest electricity recorded while input materials are in short supply. It is the difficulty of the electricity industry and EVN Hanoi.

Công ty CP Giải pháp Công nghệ Việt Nam

Bringing a smart energy management solution in the conference: “Launching on energy-saving peak summer in 2020” The booth introducing iENERGY Energy Management software of Vietnam Technology Solutions Joint Stock Company (VETS) has received the attention of many organizations and businesses….


The message: “Hanoi city join hands to save electricity, turn off all equipment when not in use”, everyone has joined hands to take action to contribute to achieving energy-savings in 2020 from 1.4 to 2, 2% as planned.